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No Time to ReLAX: 2.8.13

Feb 8, 2013, 9:15 AM EDT

Irish senior Emily Conner returns to the blog with her second post in a new series, “No Time to ReLAX” detailing the exciting and busy experience of her final semester and final season at Notre Dame. If you’ve read the Fighting Irish blogs in the past, you might remember her “Lax In The City” entries this past summer, chronicling her time working with ESPN in New York City.

As I sat there in my bed last Thursday night, listening to the party going on in my living room, I could not help but feel discouraged. Here I was, in my last semester of college, and I was in bed by midnight. Shouldn’t I be living up the rest of my time here? And why was it that I had to stay in when all of my roommates got to go out?

These feelings of resentment were magnified by the fact that all my friends were heading out to Club Fever, my favorite South Bend locale, and I was in bed, icing my sore muscles. Suddenly, in a beat, my attitude completely changed.

Ricky Martin’s #1 hit “Livin’ La Vida Loca” started blaring from the speakers in my kitchen. While I know it is an extremely annoying song to anyone not born in the ‘90s, in that moment, it was perfection. I had finally found my goal song, which is the lacrosse version of a walkout song in baseball. It plays at every home game whenever you score a goal, hence the name. And, especially for a music aficionado like myself, it is very important…

All week our team had been stressing out about goal songs. It was the topic of conversation during every warm up and cool down, and we all knew Friday was our deadline to make the big decision. Songs were debated, fought over, and more often than not, sung aloud (usually by the most tone-deaf players on the team, and I am the first to admit that I’m no exception). At one point I even had to make a note to self: not every song I have stuck in my head is appropriate to sing aloud at practice – or in public for that matter.

While as a defensive player, my goal song has little practical significance, it still was an important decision for me. It is one way that my teammates and I are able to express our individuality and personalities while also being reminded that we are part of something bigger. In fact, the whole week of goal song conversation had served as a reminder of how much I truly love being a part of this team. Hearing Julia (Giorgio) sing Ginuwine’s “Pony” during our stretching lines and watching Barb’s (Sullivan) face as she confessed to an all-consuming crush on Pete Wentz (think skinny jeans and Guyliner) were just the reminders that I needed. Our team is full of so much personality and I love everyone for it. As hard as playing a collegiate sport is at times, I look forward to “recess” with 31 of my closest friends each day.

So, while I’ve given up four spring breaks, countless parties and almost all my free time in college, I realize looking back, that I wouldn’t change a thing. Being part of this team is a privilege and I would do it a thousand times over if I could. So while I may not be “livin’ la vida loca” in the typical college sense, I can’t imagine a better, crazier life than the one I have now.

(And let’s be honest, that music blaring from the party in my living room didn’t even compare to what I would have played if I’d been in control of the playlist.)

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